"The HomeWorks crew specializes in resolving comfort, energy efficiency and safety issues in Northwestern Pennsylvania’s homes.  Using state-of-the art building science and diagnostic tools, our work is custom designed to address each home’s particular needs within the context of each homeowner’s goals."

Owner Lisbet Searle-White





Side-by-side digital and infrared images reveal settled insulation from a poor quality installation job. This sight is typically found in homes where comfort issues inside and ice damming on the outside are the issues prompting a call to HomeWorks.

“I have nothing but praise for the HomeWorks and GreenoverGreen crews.  They were efficient, terrific, and very respectful.  They came and did what needed to be done. And they were so clean!...It was not a disruption to have them in our home...No one should be afraid to initiate a project to improve energy efficiency; being sure to get the right people to do the right things done right is the key to successful projects.”


~SP, NewCastle PA~

One Call; Comprehensive Solutions
Imagine Your Home...
Consistent comfort throughout
Free of drafts & ice dams
AND 20-70% Lower utility bills
What's Going On Behind These Walls?
Infrared Thermography
  • What is a Diagnostic Energy Audit?

  • How Does Your Home Measure Up?

    If you have 5 minutes and your energy bills are handy, you can find out how your home's energy use measures up.  Check out the EPA Energy Yardstick.

  • Financing

    Concerned about the cost of making efficiency improvements to your home? HomeWorks is a Certified Auditor and Contractor with Keystone HELP, an innovative loan program in Pennsylvania that offers 2.99% energy efficiency loans to qualifying Pennsylvania homeowners. Many improvements pay for themselves in under 10 years!

  • Rebates

    See the US DOE’s www.dsireusa.org for a database of incentives by state.  For more tax incentives, visit www.energytaxincentives.org.


    Penelec, Penn Power, or Met Ed customer?  See FirstEnergy’s www.energysavePA.com for great rebate and program information.  Get up to $1200 back for eligible improvements under the Whole House Program.