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  • Utility Bill Analysis

    Why have a utility bill analysis done?


    Included in a full audit, utility bill analysis can also be done independently and can be particularly useful in the case of unexplained, excessively high utility bills.


    A year’s worth of detailed utility bills are entered in a sophisticated energy ‘disaggregation’ software tool and ‘normalized’ to National Weather Service data for the analysis period.


    A 2-page report displays results visually so that homeowners can see how much of their energy dollars are going to heating, air conditioning, and lights & appliances, as well as the carbon footprint of their home (displayed in car equivalents).  This is a first step in knowing where to target efficiency improvements.


    Cost for this service is $85

  • Infrared Thermography

    Infrared imaging by a trained operator can yield quick, useful information about a home’s insulation levels, areas of heat loss, and even overloaded electric circuits.  A very sophisticated tool, infrared cameras deliver a visual representation of surface temperature, making it appear to see inside walls.  


    An infrared assessment can be a useful tool for a prospective or new homeowner who wants to verify the existence or quality of a prior insulation install, or to pinpoint heat loss contributing to ice dam formation.


    Because it is reading surface temperature, a quality infrared assessment is done from inside the home to minimize skewed readings from outside variables such as wind and sun.


    HomeWorks uses its infrared camera to verify the quality of our insulation and air-sealing installations.


    Cost for this service: $275, including a brief summary with side-by-side digital/infrared images.

  • HVAC Solutions

    Inadequate airflow, duct leakage, ductwork in garages and other unconditioned spaces, poor or unbalanced duct design, and inaccurately-sized equipment can all contribute to a home’s comfort, safety, and efficiency issues.  Whether you’re planning to replace your furnace, or just want more uniform comfort throughout your home, an HVAC system assessment may be in order. 


    Most  HVAC technicians are trained as equipment installers and get little or no training on how that equipment functions in the context of the rest of the house.  HomeWorks can help bridge this gap by doing qualified assessments and making specific improvement recommendations.


    Cost for this service varies from $200 for a thorough visual assessment plus duct-blaster leakage testing, to $400 for above plus system airflow assessment.


    Did you know . . . you may be able to cut the size of your replacement heating system in half by doing strategic energy efficiency improvements that effectively make your house easier to heat?  Not only is the original system cost lower, but operating cost is lower for the lifetime of that equipment.

  • Mold & Moisture Solutions

    HomeWorks specializes in isolating and resolving moisture issues in homes. Moisture problems contribute to comfort issues, mold growth, poor indoor air quality, and less efficient heating and cooling.


    Through visual inspection, infrared imagery and moisture data-loggers, we can pinpoint moisture sources and make recommendations for how to remediate them.


    Cost for this service: $125 for a comprehensive visual survey and one-time relative humidity testing.


    For more extreme situations involving data-logging over a period of time, cost TBD based on scope of work.

  • General Building Solutions

    HomeWorks is available to serve in a variety of advisory capacities for your building or project.  Just give us a call to discuss the particulars of your job and needs.