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  • Diagnostic Energy Audit

    A diagnostic energy audit of your home takes approximately 3-4 hours in the home and includes the following elements:

        BPI & RESNET certified auditor

        Utility bill analysis

        Customer questionnaire & interview

        Safety testing of combustion appliances (furnace; hot water tank; oven)

        Assessment of the home’s major systems, insulation levels, etc.

        Blower door air leakage test

        Computer energy model of the home

        Customized report

        Prioritized improvement recommendations including:

              Estimated costs

              Projected payback times

        Follow-up conversation with homeowner to answer questions and plan  next steps


    Cost for the above service ranges from $575 for a typical 1500s.f. home to $725 for a typical 2500s.f. home


    Additional charge for supplemental furnaces, mileage


    Infrared thermography or duct leakage testing can be added to an audit at the reduced rate of $175 each.

  • Walkthrough Energy Audit

    BPI & RESNET Certified Auditor will conduct a walk-through energy efficiency assessment of your home. 


    A walk-through audit includes a brief written summary of findings and recommendations, and can be useful in the case of an isolated problem or impending equipment replacement.


    Walk-through audit does not include: safety testing, utility bill analysis, blower door test, projected savings, or rebate eligibility.


    Cost for this service is $200 plus mileage for homes outside the Meadville area.